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My Response to Dutton's Response

Peter Dutton has finally responded to the petition! It requested a more humane approach to asylum seekers and refugees. Over 17,000 people hand signed this petition and it has been given a blood-boiling response.

As a teacher, I thought it my duty to give the Minister for Immigration some feedback and a grade. See below.

Thank you to everyone for all their support in this amazing journey. As many of you know I have written a show about the walk, which is on in Melbourne from the 18th January. It's funny and witty, but you will also need some tissues. The show will leave you feeling inspired to continue on your own journeys of fighting for justice for those who are vulnerable.

Here it is, Dutton's response and some hopefully enlightening feedback. Yes, I've sent him a copy. Click on the picture below to view the document.

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