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Talk for Year 11 and 12 students - Social Justice Day 2016


Talks and workshops

Would you like Jess to talk or perform at your school, workplace or event? Jess is a qualified teacher and can design talks and workshops to suit your audience and program. 

Journey of a Thousand Smiles is suitable for a range of audiences, including high schools.

Run time: 52 mins

Performers: Jess Hackett and Colin Craig (musician/tech)

Tech Requirements: The show is very flexible and can be adapted to fit any venue. Projector and screen are required.


Jess had a vision to deliver a message to Parliament – a message of welcoming and community. And how effective would that message be, if it were to be walked all the way from Melbourne to Canberra in the height of summer?

After many sleepless nights wondering if there was a girl just like her on Nauru, only trapped and afraid, all Jess could think was that we all must have a welcoming spirit within us. So, she sets out to find it – and had it recorded in the signatures of 17,000 Australians from all over the country.

Join Jess on her journey through remote towns and breathtaking landscapes. Walk with Jess as the locals from Euroa walked with her. Sit at the table of resettled refugees and hear their story as they welcome her to their home. Join her futile search for the end of the electric fence…and the hilarious attack that follows.

With true stories, amusing tales and a feeling of welcome to warm your heart, Jess’ journey to Canberra is one to inspire all Australians, refugees and families who value community and kinship. Welcome to the show.

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