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Moments from Day 2 and 3

Saying goodbye to Catherine – Catherine walked the first day and a half with me and it was a godsend to have her company! Especially after the huge send off! We chatted excitedly for about 12km before realising that we were starving. It was wonderful to have her support and made the beginning a lot less daunting.

My cousin Stephen took these photos, he and his family brought a picnic lunch to Catherine and me on the way to Wallan. It was a 30km walk that day and he made me walk this part twice! Just to get a good shot. Well, it paid off, even though I wasn’t happy by the end of the day. My feet were screaming! Luckily Leanne, my school principal came to pick me up at my checkpoint and she brought banana muffins, which made everything better.

Unwrapping a Bubble O Bill in Wallan. Meaghan took this photo after she dropped me off. It was my first day out on my own where I wouldn’t be coming back home at the end of the day. She picked me up in the afternoon, two minutes after I’d finished packing and saying goodbye to my cat. We set off to the spot I’d got to at the end of the previous day.

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