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A smile can make all the difference

It was the pre-Christmas rush at the Dandenong Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. The powers that be had made some developments which meant that some of the Centre's clients had to get some paperwork in and fast.

Despite the pressure everyone was under, they all had an air about them that said "We can do this!" If I was in a pickle, this would be a good place to be. I'd know that I wouldn't be judged and that the people helping me would be absolutely tenacious.

This video is about Margaret, a volunteer on the front-line and anyone who has worked in customer service would know how important and demanding that role is. Even on this busy day, with incredibly high stakes, I saw a professional and caring person at the desk who would put even a pin cushion at ease.

Margaret's story is told my Simon, the Centre's Training Coordinator who effortlessly finds the good in everybody. One of the things I love about Dandenong ASRC is how supportive the staff are of each other, and you can hear this in Simon's voice. They are the blueprint for any effective team!

I hope you enjoy this brief insight into a wonderful community!

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